Free Download: “Pictures of People” Photo Book

picturesofpeoplecoverI hope you enjoy my first book “Pictures of People“. The  PDF version is free for your own personal use! The pictures in the book were taken in Peru, Krakow, Madrid, New York, Las Vegas and other places.

When viewing the PDF file in Acrobat Reader: To render the file like the physical book, select the ‘View’ menu, then ‘Page Display’ -> ‘Two Page View’. Also from ‘Page Display’, select ‘Show Cover Page in Two Page View’.

If you could, please write a comment on the photo you like best and perhaps the one you would drop if given a choice. Any other constructive criticism would be valued also.

Photos in the book were taken with my trusty Olympus OM-D E-M1. The cover photos are from film.

A hard copy may be ordred from Blurb by clicking on the link below. Apologies for any sticker shock that might result – Blurb photo books are not cheap (and I only added $2 profit). To be honest, I don’t really expect any sales. As suggested before, I would value your comments!


5 thoughts on “Free Download: “Pictures of People” Photo Book

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  2. Åke Bruce

    Hi Tom, you and i share the same intresse in that we photograph people where people are, in the streets, I myself use an Olympus Pen EPL7 and 17 mm 1.8. I tend to move in spots where there’s a lot of people moving around so i usually show this tiny camera and what i do and i found that people who are in a hurry couldn’t care less about the figure whith a camera. These who notice me sometimes stop for a small talk and then walk on by.

    Good luck with sales of your book, i like it!

    Åke Bruce
    Säffle Sweden

    1. tomlismer Post author

      Thank you Åke. I think we are both getting hooked on street photography! I really find it interesting to see the different techniques selected and refined by street photographers, and the lenses they seem to gravitate to. You get in closer, and seem to welcome an interaction with the subject (from what I gather) where as I am more distant (with my 45mm) and invisible as possible. If you have some photos online, please post the link – I would love to take a look!

      As for sales, I suspect I will be the only buyer. They do make very wonderful Christmas presents that people (hopefully) appreciate more than something bought from a store.

  3. Fernando Ruiz

    Thank you very much! I like the first pages of this book, nice photos and interesting titles. It must be a very challenging task to classify images and select just some of them and to build with them a final book.

    Congratulations for this work!

    1. tomlismer Post author

      It is challenging but is also actually a very rewarding and educational excercise. Making the titles was probably the hardest part! I am very happy how the book turned out for a first try. But at the same time, when talking with friends or getting comments online, I become inspired to put together an event better one. The biggest change in the next book will be a solid theme. For example, a book of photos like Matching Colours 1 and 2, or one focussing on the impact of mobile phones on relationships with real people (ala “Searching for something interesting”).

      Many thanks for your comment.


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